Monday, 10 August 2015

Illusory appearance

Freedom from illusion
Is ability
To penetrate ignorance.
Mirage appears
Real to those ignorant
And an illusion
To those intelligent.

Illusion is dissipated
By knowledge.
Once dissipated,
Illusory appearance will be there
But the understanding will change.

The world is of illusion,
With illusory
Appearance, to the learned.
Accordingly they tend
To react to the things around.


Must we be smart?

In a race where low brain boys were running,
One stumbled down on the way attracting
Other boys to stop their race and reach to him.
Lifting him up, they, with him, resumed the race.
Collective interests have scored over
Self-interests thanks to low intelligence.


Marriage is a voyage.

Marriage is not the safe anchorage
As everyone is taught to believe,
But a voyage in uncharted seas.
Setting out, the couple would know it.

The knack to succeed

A whore is disposed to show and assure
Her customers with equal love and touch,
Each man going out with an impression
That he was pleased most and that he’d return.
The flourishing one takes such like position,
Pleasing all those who dislike each other,
Each one is leaving with an impression
That he is held best and that he’d support.


Man’s manoeuverability

A woman is not open in love.
She will be beginning to dread
And yet be drawn to a new man
Till the latter succeeds the dread.

A man can well lose a woman
In case he oversteps her fence
Or in case he lags behind her lens.
It’s a pity he rarely steps rightly.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

For fewer humiliations

Growing in position,
Acquiring power,
And getting wealth and comforts
Are the fodder for ego.
I don’t want my ego
To fatten and stiffen.
Rather be it tender
And supple so that
I can pursue my life
With fewer humiliations.


The conditioned mind

Two eyes apart, one nose below between
And one mouth still below is the set up
Of a face of human or an animal
To which our seeing has been conditioned.

Any change in number or position
In the face is indigestible to eyes.
How if the Hindu Epic is enacted
In European or modern costumes?

Imagine Jesus in Lord Krishna’s make up.
Everything is evaluated
From the conditioned vision and concept.
Assessments come from the conditioned mind.